Transition Program

Mentorship - Education - Referral

The purpose of the Transition Program is to directly confront the lack of support services for Female Veterans and their families.

Our process begins and ends with listening and more listening. Support + Sharing = Success

“Thank you CFVF United for not turning us away. It always seemed like everyone I talked to about my benefits was against me receiving them. The staff at CFVF United listened without judgement.  I was able to explain everything to them. They provided direction and support.  I am now in treatment, receiving my Veteran benefits and can take much better care of my son.”

US Navy Veteran


CFVF United is championing for the empowerment of women by building their capacities and competencies. Properly mentored Veterans and their families will be more likely to join the workforce and otherwise integrate into their communities at a much faster pace. Individual Mentoring


Through training and mentorship, we provide education as related to Veteran benefits and support services. Facilities are provided at our office for this purpose, along with access to technology.


CFVF United operates in partnership with NCServes and several community-based organizations. CFVF United engages organizations and businesses outside of our direct control to work as a team with a common goal of improving women Veterans economic independence.

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