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Deployed Female Project

We engage both Combat Female Veterans, as well as deployed Combat Females preparing for their return home, with the intent of easing their transition to civilian life. For many women, given the toll of deployment to their families, transition periods last many years – sometimes a lifetime. CFVF United actively builds relationships with deployed female service members stationed in combat zones. There is no greater courage than the valor demonstrated by a service member deployed during wartime. As our female service members are deployed during wartime. We strive to show them gratitude by sending them letters of support and care packages made with love. Since 2018, CFVF United has sent over 150 care packages to service women deployed to a combat zone.

Every year, thousands of troops are deployed to a combat zone to protect our country “The land of the free and the home of the brave.” Unfortunately many go on with their life and forget that freedom costs something. CFVF United will not forget as we too have experienced deployment, homesickness and  minimum support as we transitioned back to the civilian world. 


If you would like to help us continue to send care packages to deployed female service members please email us at

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