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Honor – Outstanding Combat Female Veterans of NC

To honor Outstanding Combat Female Veterans of North Carolina.  We are soliciting nominations statewide to identify female Veterans who honorably served their country during war time and/or in combat zones and have since made demonstrable, positive impacts within their North Carolina communities. We are specifically interested in identifying women warriors who have dedicated themselves, post-war, to enhancing the well-being of fellow NC Veterans!

The criteria for this inaugural award includes a combination of the following:

  • Candidate must have served in the United States Armed Forces in some capacity during a period of war (required)
  • Candidate must personify integrity, high character, and selflessness
  • Candidate may have overcome barriers in her quest to achieve her goals post-war
  • Candidate has made a positive impact in her local North Carolina community since her return to civilian life
  • Candidate’s personal achievements are demonstrative of CFVF United’s ultimate goal – to help ensure each Combat Female Veteran has the opportunity to prosper in her life after war

Congratulations to the 2024 Outstanding Combat Female Veterans of North Carolina

Women of Combat 2024:Glowing Stars of Service”- Illuminating Excellence

Brenda Brubaker

Kathleen Pierce Johnson

Teresa Ramey Martin

La’Monica Coleman

Carolyn Lattimore

Jerial Bogan

 Alia Schenck

2019 Award Recipients Inaugural

Women of Combat 2019: Standing Ovation

Elizabeth Angel

Linette Baker

 Patricia Blackwell

Katherine Austin Bohanon 

Chrisma Brock

Amy Crews

Gretchen Geirgeanna Evans

 Diana N. Graham

Robin Hamilton

Kelli Harmon

Patricia A. Harris

Gail Horn

Yolanda Mayo

Shirley Bell Moser

Sherry Womack

2020 Award Recipients

Women of Combat 2020: Salute A Shero

Linda L. Bray- Army

Patricia Childers-Navy

Wendy P. Hagerty- Army

Christina M. Longo- Army

Pollyanna Neely- Navy

Lisa C. Potts- Marine Corps

Wendy L. Silvera- Marine

Mary F. Waters- Army

2021 Award Recipients

Women of Combat 2021: Honoring Her

Chief Petty Officer Lisa A. Blazer (Ret.) , U.S. Navy

Captain Joan A. Bold (Ret.) , U.S. Navy

Lt. Col. Bernardine (Bernie) Donato (Ret.) , U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force

Major Katharine Doyle (Ret.) , U.S. Marine Corps

Staff Sergeant Alyce Knaflich (Ret.) , U.S. Army

Sergeant Major Raquel R. Painter (Ret.), U.S. Marine Corps

2022 Award Recipients

Women of Combat 2022: A Tribute to Her

Carol Barker- Army & Air Force

Sonya Dillard- Marines

Tracey Nicole Hayes- Navy

Dawn Jones Payne- Marines

Pamela Petree- Army & Air Force

Sarah Plummer Taylor- Marines

Elizabeth Gloria Williams- Army

2023 Award Recipients

Women of Combat 2023: A Round of Applause

Lisa Clark- Air Force

Carolyn Comfort- Army

Kathleen Gainey- Army

Jacqueline Kohler- Army

Katina Patterson- Army 

Tammy Williamson- Marines







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