Founder / Executive Director / Care Coordinator

Sandra G. Robinson

Sandra  G. Robinson is a Combat Female Veteran and Registered Nurse (RN), with thirty years’ experience. Her background has afforded her extensive familiarity with women Veterans’ post-deployment issues and their gender-specific healthcare needs.

Sandra served in the Army Reserve, 846th Transportation Unit and deployed in theater during Operation Desert Storm. She received numerous medals during her years of duty, to include the Kuwait Liberation Medal and the Southwest Asia Service Medal with three Bronze Service Stars. While being deployed to war wasn’t something she anticipated, the experience proved rewarding, leaving her with a profound sense of commitment to her sisters in arms.

Since her departure from active military service, Sandra Robinson has been a steadfast and devoted supporter of Veterans and Veteran causes. She is the NC Ambassador for Women in Military Service for America Memorial (WIMSA), a VFW Lifetime Member, member of the American Legion, and Military Women Across the Nation. She serves on the boards of two Veteran nonprofit organizations and is Co-Founder of Desert Storm Combat Women (DSCW). She served as State Leader for the National Desert Storm War Memorial 2017-2019 and currently acts as the American Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces Regional Women Veterans Outreach Lead for the Greater Carolina Region. Also, Sandra is the Co-Founder and Co-Chair of North Carolina Coalition of Women Veterans Organizations (NC-CWVO). 

It’s one thing to be a Veteran, but being part of a Veteran family adds further nuance to one’s perspective. Sandra may have been the first female in her family to serve in an active war zone, but she is far from the only one to have served her country. In fact, she’s married to a retired 82nd Airborne Combat Veteran. She’s also the sister of two Veterans, one being a Combat Lt. Col. Her sister is an official government agent. Her brother-in-law is a retired Combat Veteran, she’s the niece of a retired Vietnam Combat Veteran, and a cousin to multiple Veterans. Sandra’s family consists of heroes of the Vietnam War, Cold War, Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).

In 2017, Sandra founded Combat Female Veterans Families (CFVF) United. The purpose of CFVF United is to encourage and facilitate positive reintegration experiences for Combat Female Veterans and their families, through education, support, and advocacy. She currently serves as the organization’s Registered Nurse Care Coordinator and Executive Director.  CFVF United serves as a partner on the National Military Women’s Coalition Steering Committee.

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