Advocacy Program

Empower - Honor - Support

The purpose of the Advocacy Program is to empower, honor and provide support to Combat Female Veterans.

The CFVF United team seizes opportunities to promote justice and supportive legislation by advocating for the needs of Combat Female Veterans and their families- at the local, state, and national levels.

We honor Combat Female Veterans through the collection, preservation, and telling of their stories. 

Established 2019, Annual Outstanding Combat Female Veterans of North Carolina Award- To honor and celebrate their service.  Created exclusively for NC Combat Female Veterans.  Nominations open in September.

LEGACY ANGEL PROJECT- To honor women Veterans through the collection, preservation and telling of their stories

An excerpt from our first Legacy Angel biography… Mary E. Wright-Martin, born Nov. 01, 1920, served in active duty during WWII as a member of the Women’s Army Corp (W.A.C), United States Army, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign. Mary, at the age of 19, began her training as a cook while stationed at Ft. Oglethorpe, Walker County, Georgia, but little did she know where her journeys would take her! Mary would soon travel by train to Camp Stoneman, California, later boarding the SS Lurline en route to Australia. She shared with our CFVF United family that, by the time her ship pulled up along the Australian coast, she’d already been assigned and trained as a Field Medic—a soldier who delivers emergency care to wounded soldiers, as part of a mobile medical unit. From Australia, Mary’s unit moved to New Britain, then New Guinea, and finally to Manilla, Philippines, where they awaited orders amidst news of the bombing taking place in Japan. Mrs. Mary has stories to tell - stories of war, stories of hardship, but also stories all of us can relate to. Stories like this one… After making her way home aboard the West Point Troop Ship, Mary says, “I opened the screen door, [but] Mama didn’t recognize me for a minute or two, because I had skin so dark she thought I was one of the Brooks family girls. Mama was frying potatoes and onions. She had a pot of pintos cooking on the stove and a pan of corn bread in the old wood stove. After years being gone, I was finally home!” Mary Wright-Martin resides in Kernersville, North Carolina and is 98 years old as of this story collection in 2018.
Mrs. Mary Eaton Wright Martin, 99, passed away Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at Summerstone Nursing and Rehabilitation in NC. To have your story collected through transcription and distribution to state and national archives please email us at or click the link below.

Sheroes Support Group

A peer-led group that offers a crucial and safe space for female Veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) related to military sexual trauma and want to discuss their trauma, build their self-confidence, self-esteem, gain validation and support. Created exclusively for Guilford County, NC women Veterans. Coming Fall 2019

Deployed Combat Female Veterans

We engage both Combat Female Veterans, as well as deployed Combat Females preparing for their return home, with the intent of easing their transition to civilian life. For many women, given the toll of deployment to their families, transition periods last many years – sometimes a lifetime. CFVF United actively builds relationships with deployed female service members stationed in combat zones.There is no greater courage than the valor demonstrated by a service member deployed during wartime. As our female service members are deployed during wartime. We strive to show them gratitude by sending them letters of support and care packages made with love.

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